Human-Centred AI, University of British Columbia, Cristina Conati (Fall 2019), (Reading list)

Human-AI Interaction, Carnegie Mellon University, Chinmay Kulkarni (Fall 2019), but was first taught by Jeff Bigham (Fall 2018)

Designing Artificial Intelligence: for the Long-term, Carnegie Mellon University, Chinmay Kulkarni (Fall 2020),

Design of AI Products and Services, Carnegie Mellon University, HCI Institute John Zimmerman (Spring 2019),

HCI for Machine Learning, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ranjitha Kumar, Fall 2019: Fall 2018:

Human-AI Interaction: CS6724: Advanced Topics in Human-Computer Interaction, Virginia Tech Kurt Luther (Spring 2020)

Human-AI Interaction: CS279R Research Topics in HCI, Harvard University Elena L. Glassman (Fall 2020);

Human-AI Interaction, Williams College Iris Howley (Fall 2020) and (Spring 2021)

Visual Analytics & Machine Learning, Vanderbilt University
Matthew Berger (Spring 2019)

Visualization: Connections with Machine Learning, NYU Tandon School Claudio Silva (Spring 2020)

Social Robotics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Hong Kong Polytechnic Johan F. Hoorn (since 2017) (no website, syllabus on request)

Stanford’s Human-centered AI Institute lists several courses, but I couldn’t find information On them (I’ve written to Julie Stanford)

Stanford course, Michelle Carney (Winter 2020), offers a project-oriented course Stanford a course on Designing Machine Learning Course website and resources::

Swansea University (Wales, UK) has a new Masters of Science (organized by Matt Jones, Alan Dix, and Harold Thimbleby) Human-Centred Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, MSc

Bristol University, UK, Centre for Doctoral Training in Interactive AI (1-year masters course followed by a 3-year PhD), contact Kacper Sokol,

Cambridge University, UK Interaction with Machine Learning Alan Blackwell (Spring 2021)

EU’s Humane AI effort looks promising (Yvonne Rogers steered me to this)

There also exist courses offered at: U-Washington, GATech, U-Maryland, MIT, U-Michigan, U-Minnesota, CMU, UC-Berkeley, where these courses come from the HCI side.