Research Groups

Selected research groups from prominent universities, which have a strong emphasis on HCAI

Brown University, U.S. (Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative)

Columbia University, U.S. (Data Science Institute)

Harvard University, U.S. (Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society)

Texas A&M University, U.S. (Data Analytics at Texas A&M (DATA) Lab)

Johns Hopkins University (Institute for Assured Autonomy)

Monash University, Australia (Human Centered AI)

New York University (Center for Responsible AI)

Northwestern University, U.S. (Center for Human-Computer Interaction + Design)

Stanford University, U.S. (Human-centered AI (HAI) Institute)

University of British Columbia, Canada (Human-AI Interaction)

University of California - Berkeley, U.S. (Center for Human-Compatible AI)

University of Cambridge, U.K. (Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence)

University of Canberra, Australia (Human Centred Technology Research Centre)

University of Oxford, U.K. (Internet Institute, Future of Humanity Institute)

University of Toronto, Canada (Ethics of AI Lab)

Utrecht University (Human-centered AI)

University of Chicago Chicago Human+AI Lab (CHAI)