The List of Organizations with Talks

Center for Data Innovation

Designing for Analytics: Experiencing Data with Brian O’Neill

HCIL Symposium of University of Maryland

Swiss Cognitive - The Global AI Hub

Stanford HAI

Trustworthy ML - BiWeekly Seminar Series

Talks From Youtube

Ben Shneiderman: Human–Centered AI, University of Maryland, 2021

Besmira Nushi and Ece Kamar: In pursuit of responsible AI: Bringing principles to practice, Microsoft Research, 2021

Carol Smith: Designing Trustworthy AI, Carnegie Mellon University, 2020

Cynthia Rudin: Scoring Systems: At the Extreme of Interpretable Machine Learning

David Aha: Artificial Intelligence Colloquium: Explainable AI, DARPA, 2019

Dakuo Wang, Stanford Seminar - Designing Human-Centered AI Systems for Human-AI Collaboration, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, 2022

Fei-Fei Li: Human-Centered AI, Stanford, 2019

Jeannette M. Wing: Trustworthy AI, Columbia University, 2020

John Thomas: Trustworthy AI is crucial for business, IBM, 2021

Kristie J. Fisher and Jess Holbrook: Designing Human-Centered AI Products, Google, 2019

Lex Fridman: Introduction to Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (AI), MIT, 2019

Michael I Jordan, Principles For Human-Centered AI, UC Berkeley, 2019

Scott Lundberg: Explainable AI for Science and Medicine, Microsoft Research, 2019